11:00 am : SWIFF/Noelle's Gift Fam' Jam - Babe (preceded by DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver)

November 4th, 2017

Co-presented by Noelle’s Gift, a charity committed to improving the lives of children in the Lambton area, Babe is the lovable story about a pig who wants to be a sheepherding Border Collie. The 1995 children’s classic comes to Sarnia for a very special SWIFF Fam Jam. That’ll do, pig!

This short, commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and funded by the Government of Canada, in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, follows Kit the beaver as she tries to help her family build their dam. She feels like she isn’t doing enough, but soon learns that everyone contributes in different ways. DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver features an original score from Erica Procunier, performed by the TSO.



Sep 13
Production Manager
Sep 8
Fall 2017

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