Imperial presents...Robb Sharp and Lit'l Chicago - 7:30 pm $25

February 17th, 2018


Even as a kid, Sarnia’s Robb Sharp never really liked rock and roll. “I listened to Muddy Waters in high school. Then I heard B.B. King and I never looked back. The blues has been in my head ever since,” said the front man of Lit’l Chicago.Eighteen years ago, Sharp formed Lit’l Chicago, an award-winning band.

“The blues is viewed as very simplistic by some people, and it can be if that’s how you want to play it,” said Sharp. “There’s also a perception that it’s all sad. But I never saw that.“To me, it’s very warm and emotional music.“We like to throw interesting elements into the mix that have led us toward Chicago’s style of blues. We sneak in a bit of soul, a bit of jazz and sometimes a little in-your-face R & B.

We welcome the Band's return to the stage of The Imperial Theatre.


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