Theatre Sarnia Intermediate Youth Group presents...The Machine 7:00 pm $10

February 15th, 2018 to February 16th, 2018

All Ivy Germaine wants is to fit in with other students at her new high school. But not many high school students are piano prodigies who play concerts with professional Symphony orchestras. With her new friends, Ben - an aspiring stand-up comedian and Laurie - an artist, she hopes for a fresh start for herself and not for her piano playing abilities, which she keeps a closely guarded secret. But when her proud Father leaks word of her talent, Ivy is pursued to perform in the school talent show by both the school principal and by "The Machine" .... the in-crowd clique wghich dresses, thinks and even talks as one. 

Can Ivy stop hiding who she really is and still be treated like a normal teenager ?

We encourage you to support this Intermediate Youth group production..they are the future of our Theatre !




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