There are two classes of membership within Theatre Sarnia, namely Honourary Life Member and Theatre Sarnia Member.

Honourary Life Members are appointed by the Board of Directors and are entitled to notice of meetings of the Corporation (Theatre Sarnia), and are not required to pay any membership fees. The Honourary Life Members are entitled to one vote per member at all meetings of the members of the Corporation.

Theatre Sarnia Members complete the Membership application and pay yearly fees through the Box Office. The membership period runs from the September AGM  through to the  AGM of the following year.



Theatre Sarnia Honourary Life Members

The following made a significant contribution to Theatre Sarnia and it's antecedents, over a period of at least 15 years and were appropriately recognised by their peers as Honourary Life Members. Each of these members, past and present, contributed in their own way to the continued success of Theatre Sarnia. They rightly deserve an ovation and our thanks for their efforts. Sadly, those members listed in italics have taken their final bow.

2017  Carolyn Robinson, Godfrey Stevens

2016  Ron Pask

2015  Henri Canino

2014  Carol Kennedy

2012   Jane Janes

2011  Robert Kennedy
2010  Andrea Hughes
2009  Georgina Ford, Mary Ann Kennedy
2007  Drew Caldwell, John L'Heureux, Donna Poore
2004  Dave DunkKenn Poore, Richard Poore, Paul Richardson
2002  Mary Anne Coderre-Richardson
1999  Fran Lewis, Peg Petley
1997  Carol O'Grady
1995  Shirley O'Neill, Don Poore
1994  Bill Allingham
1993  Megan Hadley, George Wood Jr.
1991  Evelyn Kerr, Wyman Kerr
1989  Edie Poore
1988  Charles Perrie
1986  Eila Kuosmanen, Eunice Taylor
1984  Peggy Coslett, Jim Wallace, Stella Wallace
1982  Clarice Hunt, Edmund Taylor
1978  Fredrick Hadley
1976  Helen Brook, Valerie Hadley, Norma Hunter, Sam Hunter
1974  Harold Backman, Dmytro Charyk, Mr. & Mrs. G. Henderson, Harold Van Horne, Pauly Legate
1972  Dr. & Mrs. E. J. Buckler, Dr. & Mrs. O.S. Pokorny
1970  Duncan Cunningham, Harry Tredwell
1968  Jean Gowland, Mr. & Mrs. W. Walker
1949  D. Park Jamieson
1945  Ethel Mills
1929  Mrs. W. J. Hanna
1928  Herman Voaden


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